1080 and Bees


The issue of 1080 and bees came up in 1992 when a batch of paste bait for possums was made with sugar. The bees carried it back to their hives and there was green toxic honey and dead bees. So they removed the sugar from the paste and the problem went away.


Don Mac also writes below his post that is only partially quoted in this photo: “Personal declaration; I support the use of 1080 to control introduced pests in order to protect NZ native bird life as documented by the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment.”

Anti-1080 advocates use this 1992 one-off to suggest that hard cereal baits are a problem for bees. They aren’t. DOC and Ospri don’t aerial drop 1080 jam. If anyone have an issue with it maybe they need to take it up with the rabbit contractors who still use it on upturned sods of dirt in paddocks. The same rabbit contractors who are also usually possum trappers. Go figure.

There is also much missing from the statement quoted in the Facebook posts using these images.