“Kahurangi” Birds

This image has been shared numerous times and linked to various locations. Not one toxicology report to prove any of these birds died from 1080.


Jim Hilton has a degree and experience with some government science institutions. As far as we know, he has never studied 1080 using actual scientific methods. According to Jim’s public LinkedIn CV, he worked for the Forest Research Institute (now Scion) back in the 50s. He then spent one year studying crop damage by birds for DSIR ecology division. He then got a science degree. Since then he has listed no science experience.

This photo was from an area that had 1080 dropped in 2014. Maryann Ewers and her volunteers combed the bush they take care of (8,000 hectares) and found no dead birds. Jim Hilton said he found these birds in a tributary of the Motueka River, we presume the east side. These are mostly introduced birds – blackbirds, sparrows, finches, thrushes – plus 4 silver-eyes, 1 kingfisher, 2 kereru, 1 morepork, 1 fantail, 1 harrier. Apparently Jim Hilton refused to give them to DOC for testing. For all we know, they are all still in his freezer.

It’s very, very odd that kereru and kingfisher are included.

Fundamentally its a picture of dead birds. Even if we could link it to a particular location due to earliest source. There is no evidence these birds were killed by 1080! In fact if even the original source was an anti disputes that! Ie no toxicology report! Nevermind actual monitoring results even back into the early 80s dispute these birds were killed by 1080!

The point is none of these birds tested positive for 1080 poisoning, yet 1080 is still blamed for their death and people believe those unsubstantiated claims.

This is a good link to explain the risks based on actual bird kill research: https://predatorfreenz.org/bird-kill-research-reveals/



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