DOC kea monitoring results


These are DOC records of monitored kea found dead after 1080 drops in Franz Fox and Okarito; there are also entries for Otira (2013).

The necropsy results all show that the kea died from eating bait, not from secondary poisoning.

The Kea Conservation Trust say that predation by pests is the number one cause of kea mortality. They support 1080. Why? Because in most 1080 drops no radio tagged kea are killed by 1080. And once predators have been knocked down their breeding success increases dramatically.

Chair of the Kea Conservation Trust, Tamsin Orr-Walker said 1080 was the best option for widespread pest control in the South Island – as destruction of kea nests by pests was still the greatest threat for the birds. “It would be great if someone found an alternative, but at the moment there isn’t anything practical in the South Island area,” she said.

The kea that have been killed by 1080 were in areas where kea were used to getting food from humans.

These days, particular care is taken in areas where there are “junk-food kea”. Here is the DOC Code of Practice for 1080 near kea.

And there have been no kea lost to 1080 since 2014.



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